There’s a saying floating around out there in the fitness world. It goes a little something like this…


Did you just cringe? Did you get a little bit angry? Defensive? Wanna throw down? Does it make you wanna start listing every.single.reason why you can’t make changes right now????

I hear you! Loud and clear!

Are we not here to help each other out? To give each other a pat on the back, smile, and a quick thumbs up? In the months leading up to my decision to work on my health, I would see this saying floating around at every corner. It was all over Facebook and Instagram has about a million hits! Trust me, I’ve searched the hash tag. Every single time I would see that line, my blood would boil. In my mind I’m thinking, “Are you being serious right now? Do you know what I do every day? How busy I am? How hard I try? That I was sick at one time?”

The list could go on and on. We ALL have things that we struggle with every single day. It is never easy to change into workout clothes and go get it done. It is equally as hard to make healthy eating choices when you have kids bawling about a broken toy, kids that need taken to a game or practice, loads of laundry piled sky high that haven’t been folded and put away. I struggle with these every day.

We don’t need to judge one another for trying our best. My excuse looks nothing like your excuse. Honestly, they could all be very valid excuses. A photo with myself in tip-top shape splattered with the words, ‘what’s your excuse?’ isn’t fair to anyone.

After thinking about this for a very long time. I came up with this:


What is your motivation? What motivates you in your life to be better, try harder and be your best?

I’m going to be honest, it might take a little searching to find your answer. It was really hard for me to think of WHY I wanted to change. How would it be different this time? My motivation has multiple levels. One is my family. My husband has a very strenuous job that requires him to be gone a lot. That means that I’m alone with my boys running this household by myself. I can’t be dragging every single day. Another is for myself. Is that selfish? I don’t think so. I’m ready to be my best self. It takes courage and hard work, but I’m willing to try.

I know that if you dig deep and find your motivation, this journey will get easier.


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