Yep. I did. I made another ice cream recipe. We should have made it a series, because apparently we’re on an ice cream/popscicle kick. 🙂 But really…who’s complaining?

I’m on my third week of a self-imposed “no sweets” challenge. Our family is BIG into “treats”. We go to the local dairy for ice cream cones just about any chance we get. We’ll have root beer floats or sundae’s just to celebrate a night off. Candy is a regular guest in our home and it never stays long. I never realized how automatic it was for me to just start munching on this stuff, but it was literally EVERY DAY. Even my two-year- old’s potty treats were not sacred, I’d sneak some every time he got some! So, major change was in order.

But, the family wasn’t exactly on the same page as me, so their treat-fests continued. I HAVE to have something to enjoy while they’re having their treats, so finding a new recipe that is delicious and makes it easy for me to skip out on a float was necessary. 🙂

Watermelon is one of those seasonal fruits that we look forward to all year long. It’s SO cheap when it’s in season, so good, and you can literally munch on it all day long without really hurting your “diet”. There are TONS of recipes out there for watermelon, but it doesn’t usually last long enough around here for us to try it. This time, we had just enough melon left after a day or two that it was getting soggy and no one wanted it, so I stuck it in the freezer and came up with a little scoop of heaven!

Watermelon has TONS of benefits. Low calorie, it’s made mostly of water (duh!) so it’s a great re-hydrating snack. It’s also a great source of fiber, and vitamins A & C. But did you know that it’s also on the list of libido boosting foods? Sssh…you didn’t hear that from me! 😉

So throw the extra melon in the freezer (or seriously, buy an extra JUST for this treat, it’s worth it!) and try this new treat with your family. Let us know what you think!

PS: Just a little warning…this stuff melts FAST! So don’t hesitate, eat and enjoy!


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