Okay, okay, I’ll stop now, I promise! I can’t get over how much fun all these different ice cream recipes have been to test and create. This one is a little higher in calorie than the last recipes, but it’s got a very different flavor profile. It’s a bit tart, so you can adjust the sweetness to your liking. It’s also more creamy than previous recipes, and it freezes super well, giving it a more ice cream-like texture. It would be amazing in a cone! I think I might also try freezing it part way next time, then pulling it out and swirling in some hot fudge. Doesn’t that sound divine?

Yes, I realize hot fudge and ice cream cones are NOT clean eating. I’m not a 100% converted to clean eating, I’m still more than happy to indulge occasionally. That being said, clean eating IS the best way to adjust your diet to help you reach your fitness goals, without going on some crazy fad diet. So I follow it, most of the time. šŸ™‚

Have you tried any of our crazy new concoctions? Tell me about it! Which one have you tried, and how did you like it?


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