Part of our job as coaches encourages us to do regular personal development. My personal study led me recently to a book titled The Go-Giver. This book was absolutely incredible! I would recommend it to anyone looking  for something uplifting. It was insightful, brilliant, as well as quick and fun to read.

The main concept in The Go-Giver is that we need to focus more on providing value to the people around us, rather than focusing on what they are going to give us. If we do this, and do it consistently, we will be given more value than we could ever hope to have. It’s a simple concept, yet a tricky one to understand and believe in.

One of the more specific ideas presented was that of our expectations of other people. We often make judgments of other people and their reactions to a situation or treatment of us, before those situations have occurred. Our judgments may be based on previous experience with this person or someone else, or they could be just plain cynical. But when we expect someone to treat us badly, it’s a sure thing that we will be treated just as we expect.

If, however, we go about our day expecting to meet the nicest people and encounter dozens of happy, generous people, that’s exactly what we’re going to get! We attract the very things we expect into our lives!

I know, it sounds weird. Some people accept the concept right from the start, others are more…cynical. 🙂 But I want to challenge you. The next time you leave the house (or office), I want you to do it expecting to meet someone truly kind. You don’t have to become best friends. Just a friendly encounter that makes you smile and think “Yeah, there are still good people in the world.” I want you to expect this, to look for it, and search for it while you go about your day. I’m pretty certain you’ll come across exactly what you’re expecting. Let me know if you try it and have a great experience…share it with us!


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