As I have tried to make our meals more fully balanced, I’ve realized that we don’t eat nearly as many vegetables as I have always believed. Half of our vegetable repertoire consisted of, not vegetables but starches: potatoes and corn. Did you know these are not considered vegetables, nutritionally speaking?

I knew we had to branch out beyond our canned green beans and steamed broccoli, so I’ve been experimenting lately with our veggies. This is one method of preparing a veggie that we have absolutely fallen in love with! Roasted vegetables have better flavor and texture, both super important when you’re trying to impress a picky husband and four picky kids.

This particular recipe couldn’t be easier. Chop a bunch of cauliflower into florets (our family requires two full heads of cauliflower!) and toss it in your oil of choice (just make sure you’re choosing olive or coconut oil so it’s actually beneficial and not just added calories!), then sprinkle with just about any seasoning you could possibly think of. One of the benefits of cauliflower is that it’s mild flavor is well suited to taking on just about any flavor profile you could hope for. Having a Mexican themed meal? Sprinkle with taco seasoning (from the store or a homemade variety) and you’ll be in heaven! Last night we were simply grilling steak, so I opted for my homemade seasoned salt from this recipe. I was completely shocked when my family scarfed down the entire batch of cauliflower fries…two full heads worth! So if your family is picky with their veggies, or cauliflower in particular, give this a shot…you just might find a new love! 🙂



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