Oh my gosh you guys! I am SO dang excited about this today!

Over the last couple of years, as I have been working on my own health and fitness, I have been super sad during the holidays when I feel like I can’t enjoy hot chocolate without a WHOLE lot of guilt. I know how icky the ingredients in those powdered mixes are, but it’s always been such a huge part of the holidays for us that it left me feeling really conflicted. I started experimenting with clean, healthier versions, and I was so shocked at how delicious they were! I honestly would never go back to the powdered hot chocolate after tasting the recipes I finally settled on.

I continued to experiment with other flavors, and before I knew it there were more than a dozen recipes I wanted to share. Originally, I had the idea to create an ebook of these recipes to share with my new health and fitness clients, but a friend convinced me it was something I needed to make more widely available. So…I am super excited today to announce the release of my first-ever recipe ebook!


This pretty little thing has over 21 recipes for clean holiday drinks, like hot chocolate, apple cider, wassail and eggnog. Some of the new flavors I created are even better than the originals: cranberry vanilla cider, peanut butter hot chocolate, and hot ginger tea…oh my!

Click the link below to purchase this ebook and get an instant download. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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