Why you should love almonds


I’ve got a confession. I have a small addiction to almonds. I’ve tried all kinds and have them in my cupboard all the time. They are a perfect little pick me up when I want something sweet or salty!! My husband when on a business trip to California and brought me back almonds, freshly packaged from the Blue Diamond plant! That’s true love:)

Anyway, they are fattening so sometimes I feel like they get a bad rap. Should you sit down and eat an entire bag? Nope! If you grab a small handful, it’s just what you need and that tiny handful carries a powerful punch when it comes to health benefits!

Here are some facts you need to know about almonds!
1. Almonds are an excellent source of protein and fiber.
2. Worried about your heart? Did you know almonds reduce the risk of heart disease? Awesome!
3. Almonds decrease spikes in blood sugar after meals, protecting you against diabetes!
4. Help with LDL cholesterol! Another protection for the heart!
5. Eating almonds lowers your risk of weight gain, and may help you lose weight.
6. Build strong bones and teeth!
7. Help with brain function and activity.
8. Eating the almond with the skin will give you the most health benefit. The skin alone contains tons of antioxidants!

There you have it! They are super easy to incorporate into your diet. Grab a few for a quick snack or put some in a salad! Either way, eat your almonds today!