Be Inspired

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to help at a local marathon. The weather was cool and sunny, the perfect conditions for runners. The energy there was amazing! There was an energy there that was full of determination and strength. Image

I was fortunate enough to be at the very last mile marker. It was the last stop for water and there was also a “temptation table” with pizza, crackers, licorice and swedish fish. As each competitor passed by, I was more and more inspired. These were people from all different walks of life. Young, old, fast, slow, walking, running and hand-cycling, they were all doing their very best. I stood in awe as I saw them pass by, some looking very tired, but they kept going! They didn’t quit! I was happy to cheer them on and shout words of encouragement to them as the raced by. Let’s be there for each other, to cheer one another on, to be the last stop for water when someone is about to quit. Let’s inspire one another to do their best!